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Who We Are

ACR is a 501 (c3) nonprofit organization established in 2001 in response to the emerging heroine and drug crises in Harford County. Since then, ACR has provided and continues to provide prevention, treatment and recovery services for people and families trapped in addiction.

In 2017 ACR helped 218 participants and over 1000 clients to date get immediate treatment.

ACR promotes prevention and treatment services with faith-based organizations, law enforcement, schools, public agencies, health care providers, civic groups and business community.

ACR serves as an advocate to improve public policies and services for those involved with substance use disorders.

Our Goals

To assist individuals to get the treatment and services they need.

To help families.

To remove the stigma of addiction in the community through public awareness activities and program.

To help individuals sustain their recovery by connecting them with programs and services that promote productive and healthy living.